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What is going on? - New Inbox/PMs   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 1/25/18 by JZBelle; 6191 views.
Crow (crowhaven200) said:

You are there to help before staff in many instances. Just jokin with'ya kid.

LOL ok good.

The truth is I do get to see some stuff before it is released, it's certainly not a big secret and most of the testing forums are public, including some of mine. But some stuff but I don't see before it's released - so I was surprised too.

Think of it this way.... 

Classic Delphi - cute little house, built in the 1940's and has had some renos over the years. It's been kept up  and the decorations are LOVELY, all craftsmeny. But there is some stuff that can't be changed. The furnace can't heat the whole house without some major structural updating, the stairs are narrow, doorways low. The small lot was fine when there were similar sized cottages around it but today those are apartments complexes, mini mansions and a highway. So inside it's adorable! But when it interacts with the outside world it has some hitches. Try backing out of the drive onto the highway... you could sit there for days. :P~~~

Zeta is the apartment complex next door... it has all the newer amenities and has a fondness for that cute little 1940's cottage. So it helps out. It'll share its WIFI for one and when it was built it ran an upgraded water/sewage supply to the cottage. It even lets their guests use their parking lot... but occasionally that help includes hitches.

Ha - I should have used that in my PM screenshot!


From: Cstar1


We're looking at restoring the old ones that didn't convert to the Zeta format. Not sure yet what the results will be. 

Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


I guess my problem is, I was born in 51, (close to the 40's) we live in a very small cozy home made house that heats with one heater. I have my own circle drive (dirt) so I never have to back out, and even on the main road 700 feet down my dirt drive there is no traffic. So there is no next door for me. There is no apartment complex in the village, not even a stop light. Living in the sticks has it's perks. Just like Delphi Classic. But I can't control what happens here so I will chill out a while and see what happens.
In reply toRe: msg 93

From: gunter


An X to the right side of individual PMs has been added now for your deletion pleasure.

delete away ....

I found an inconsistency and a temptation...

There's a confirm screen that comes up (yay) and with IE and Firefox it can be one of two.


I SUPER want to check that box to see what happens. Will one of my disappear? Will I simply be placing one of my IDs on ignore? Is it reversible?

Otherwise works fine. Note: When you first send the PM if you wish to immediately delete it you need to navigate away from that conversation and then back again to see the X

Risa (Risa25)

From: Risa (Risa25)


Magnet, thanks so much! Perhaps that's what happened; that the messages not sent through Zeta didn't convert to Zeta format? Or they were sent before there WAS a zeta, if that makes sense. I really want those messages back; like you some were from friends that have passed away and they mean more than just the message itself. I would have sent them to my email or saved them in some way if I had known they would go away--some went back as far as 2010. And I also have been seeing PMs I deleted long ago. Please CC anything you like--but if I am CC'd, the message appears in my inbox but I get a red "Error in attempting to delete" message and it stays stuck there. Any help much appreciated!

Cstar said they were working on seeing why some messages did not make it over and if they can retrieve them they sure will.

Risa (Risa25) said:

but if I am CC'd, the message appears in my inbox but I get a red "Error in attempting to delete" message and it stays stuck there. Any help much appreciated!

Yup that's a bug to be squashed. I CC'ed staff so they have a daily reminder it's still broken lol lol lol


From: gunter


"Error in attempting to delete" is because the notification has already been deleted. It's stuck and still showing.

we're waiting for the fix ...

  • Edited January 29, 2018 3:45 pm  by  gunter
Risa (Risa25)

From: Risa (Risa25)


LOL thanks, Gunter--I should know better than to try to argue with a computer; they always win!
Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


Hi Gunter. I only have x's to delete on some of the messages in the conversation. Many in the same conversation don't have an X.