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I hate it!   Feedback & Wishlist

Started 1/25/18 by Paula (PaulaS44); 9470 views.

From: stevenZ500


I delete what I want to delete, I had saved messages for years.  I hope they bring it back to the way it was, this is not computer friendly at all.


From: stevenZ500


Why would anyone want to mass delete?  You delete when you open and read it if you don't want to save it.  Makes no sense.  I prefer to save what I want to save and delete what I want to get rid of.  I don't want to delete all my conversations.  Many of them include address, phone numbers and personal info a person sent to me. 

Different people use the system different ways. A conversation can quickly add many individual messages and like you mentioned there could be info you need to keep/ copy before deleteing. 

With the old system I have to open and reread several messages to find that info after a conversation. With the new I can just scroll.

The option to delete individual messages was added today. 


From: Cstar1


You can now delete the entire conversation, or just individual messages. 


From: Cstar1


stevenZ500 said:

Why would anyone want to mass delete?

Because PM's are not just PM's, they're also any private conversations you have while in chat. Many people like to delete those conversations after they're done. With the old page, if you had a PM conversation in chat with someone, and exchanged 50 messages back and forth, you had to delete each one of them individually. 

Crow (crowhaven200)

From: Crow (crowhaven200)


I only have the X's on some messages. At first thought it was date specific, and only went back so far, but it's not. Some long conversations I have x boxes on the later messages, but no x's on many older ones in the same conversations. I hope I am not confusing. Basically the delete individual messages, aren't on all messages in the same conversation.

From: Kakes2


Cstar thank you for getting back to me on this.  I know that Kid has requested gunter to ask tech to increase the number of "x" assigned.  Actually every message in any conversation should have an "x" on it.  To limit it to 10 per conversation shows limited thinking when making the change.  Thank You.


From: RedBV


If that was the crux of the problem . . . then why wasn't it looked into "separating" chat PM's out of the mix, into it's own little box . . . why screw up the whole PM function . . .
In reply toRe: msg 21

From: Cstar1


RedBV said:

then why wasn't it looked into "separating" chat PM's out of the mix, into it's own little box

Because chat PM's & PM's are all run by the same mechanism. It's one single messaging system. 

Plus it wasn’t  only chatters that have been requesting this.