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I hate it!   Feedback & Wishlist

Started 1/25/18 by Paula (PaulaS44); 9517 views.

Plus it wasn’t  only chatters that have been requesting this.


From: RedBV


Already understood that, so the question still remains . . .

From: RedBV


The only thing have seen over the years was asking for the ability to delete more than a single PM at the same time . . . that could have easily been done, instead of what "was" done . . .

From what have seen, that is the same sentiment pretty much across the board - great that more than one PM can now be deleted but not happy with the rest . . .

In reply toRe: msg 25
RedBV said:

that could have easily been done,

I have no idea how to write code. From what I understood in the early stages it could not be done from the older inbox.

But whatever it's change you you do not have to like it.


From: RedBV


That it couldn't be done from the older inbox is baloney . . .

To delete a whole convo could either be done by adding a simple button at the end of the convo to delete . . . or . . . have added a pop up window to delete the whole convo . . . essentially the same that is done with convo threads in a forum . . . which would have left intact individual PM delete capability . . .

As to chat convo's - that could easily have been done by changing the direction of where they are saved . . . in other words - set up a location, not unlike presently exists for normal PM's . . . and direct chat convo's to be saved there . . . this latter example should have been done long ago, before zeta ever came about or was thought of . . .

Frankly, what it looks like is - given Delphi's essential non support of the classic format . . . there was no consideration given to the above . . . thus the outcome of the current PM window reflecting more or less zeta . . .

To me and others - this is nothing more than yet another example that folks are sooner or later being forced into the zeta format . . .

In reply toRe: msg 27

On paper - sure. But can you program that?

Do you know how things are stored on the servers? 

There really isn’t an underlying conspiracy to force Zeta. 


From: RedBV


Sigh . . . there are times to stick up and times not too . . .

As to forcing zeta . . . it was announced awhile back that all work will now be on the zeta format and essentially little to nothing involving classic . . . that indicates if something affects classic, to bad so sad . . . see it how ya want to . . .

Look, I like Delphi . . . but that doesn't mean that I like everything that Delphi comes up with and or does . . . such as the zeta format, still think it sucks . . . and until classic is pretty much phased out will not be using it . . . and when classic is gone (the best format that Delphi ever had), likely will be gone as well . . .

Take a look at what took place - without any notice Delphi imposed the new PM format/layout . . . all for the notion to set up the ability to delete entire PM conversations . . . they put it online and many folks, including myself expressed dislike (to include folks who use zeta) . . . as well, when they did so it is quite apparent that no one considered that when doing so (wiping out the old PM format), it would eliminate the ability to delete individual messages . . . oops . . . so they go back in and code in deleting of the first 10, with rotating in other PM's as deletions took place . . . then they go back in and code in delete ability for all messages . . . and as the changes rotate across the servers, that will show up . . .

Bottom line the ability to delete entire PM conversations could have easily been added to the old PM format . . . not unlike being able to delete entire conversations in the forums . . . i.e a pop up of "manage discussion" . . . frankly you know that as well as I do . . .

Anyway . . .

Paula (PaulaS44)

From: Paula (PaulaS44)


I want to apologize for my outburst. It is not as bad as I thought it would be.
I guess 74 is getting to old for this stuff. I'll blame it on that anyway.

My nerves are on edge because the software program I used to make sigs decided to "üpdate" wit ha new version and I am trying to learn that with very little success.

Anyway, I apologize for my attitude.

Thankyou for all of your help CStar - forgive me for my bad manners, Paula

Paula (PaulaS44)

From: Paula (PaulaS44)


See the post above Cstar. post # 30

From: Cstar1


There's nothing to forgive, Paula, you were fine. :)