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I hate it!   Feedback & Wishlist

Started 1/25/18 by Paula (PaulaS44); 9344 views.

From: RedBV


bump to my post . . .
Crow (crowhaven200) said:

Honestly? Old deleted messages are there again?

You are at least the second person to mention this but I am not seeing it at all. Are you sure the actual messages are reappearing and it is not the conversation is there with those messages deleted? THAT I have noticed - makes for some hilarious reading lol

In reply toRe: msg 6
RedBV said:

Also, in the compose box there is no way to drop a line for a new paragraph now. If you hit, as in the old PM format, the enter button it posts what one has already written. That is going to take some getting used to . . .


Sorry for shouting but I end up sending 4 or 5 PMs when I could have sent one.

@Cstar - to my lengthy requests <grin> may I suggest that Shift Enter works to drop down one line and does not Send. Please and thank you!


From: stevenZ500


How do you view your sent messages to a person, there is no option to see your sent messages.

This is horrible, why would they play around with PM's when they worked just fine for everyone.


From: Cstar1


Any message you sent shows in the Conversation with that person.

The changes were made because people asked for a way to mass delete their PM's. We realize we don't have it quite right yet, and are still working on making it better. 


From: Kakes2


Cstar is correct. If you click on "show all" under any conversation it will open with every received and sent PM  for that person.  Problem is, the only option you have it to save every conversation or delete the entire conversation.  You are unable to save parts of a conversation you have with any particular person.  For example,  for one person it shows I have over 100 messages  (combination of sent and received PMs).  Most of the messages can be deleted but there are parts of each conversation that I need to save, because of the content.  With the new format the way it is, there is no way to do that .  It's all or nothing. 

Cstar message to you indicates, they are still working on making it better for everyone. 

I hope this helps you. I know for me, to be able to save what I want and delete what I want will be a great advantage.  Also , if I wish to delete an entire conversation that would be good too.


From: stevenZ500


I delete what I want to delete, I had saved messages for years.  I hope they bring it back to the way it was, this is not computer friendly at all.


From: stevenZ500


Why would anyone want to mass delete?  You delete when you open and read it if you don't want to save it.  Makes no sense.  I prefer to save what I want to save and delete what I want to get rid of.  I don't want to delete all my conversations.  Many of them include address, phone numbers and personal info a person sent to me. 

Different people use the system different ways. A conversation can quickly add many individual messages and like you mentioned there could be info you need to keep/ copy before deleteing. 

With the old system I have to open and reread several messages to find that info after a conversation. With the new I can just scroll.

The option to delete individual messages was added today.