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What has happened to Private Messages   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 1/25/18 by BG311; 711 views.

From: BG311


A new private message to me cannot be located.  You can be assured the change being seen on Private Message isn't pleasing.

How can I locate a new private message to me?  There is no place seen by me at this point to retrieve a new private message.  It has been possible to send private messages the usual way but there is no way seen as of yet to retrieve a new message.

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Try scrolling down the list of people you see when you click on Inbox and look for the most recent date - they are NOT in order and that is going to be a big task if you have a lot of conversations (people you PM with)

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From: Showtalk


I had so many this morning, I had to use the time stamps to find the newest.