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New PM section graphic   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 1/27/18 by Darn these winter slippers! (Kidmagnet); 3403 views.

I'll update these if there are changes.

When you arrive at your Inbox section you'll see a list of all conversations. Unread messages are first with the most recent at the top of the list. Once you read the messages in that conversation it will move down to the 0 New section.  At the very bottom is a section called My Notifications. That's where you are notified when someone CCs or @ mentions you on a Zeta forum. (or the Zeta-mobile view of a classic forum) .

The nice thing about this set up is you can preview a message without actually opening it, thereby saving it as unread (once you open/read it though you cannot mark is as unread) Even long messages appear on the preview screen. If you have several messages unread in the same conversation, only the last will appear in the preview.

To read a conversation just click on it (see next post)

**Additional info - some are having problems with their Conversations "disappearing" . Any Conversations with unread messages will list first in order of the most recent message received to the oldest. Staff at Delphi as well as any testers were not seeing as many problems because we'd been using Zeta PMs. If yours are not ordering as they should be, run through your list of conversations and click on any that have an unread message (You may have read it but it's erroneously marked as unread). Once you click on the conversation it "should" fall into place when you go back to the list of discussions. 

Problem messages or ones where members have embedded images or other non-text content may need to be removed. I've had problems with messages like these messing with my PM abilities prior to this new PM system.  

**Problem - "I can only send one PM then I have to log off and back on to send another" this is likely software on the users part interfering. Ad blockers (which can block more than ads, they are actually blocking java script) are one. You can "Disable on this page" for most script blockers. 

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Clicking on a conversation brings up this screen and you can read/reply and even delete the entire conversation from here. When you are done you can go back to your main Inbox Screen by using the link Show All Conversations in the upper right corner.

If you wish to delete some messages but not all in a conversation use the X on an individual message.

This is pretty straight forward but if you wish - you can copy these posts or just the images if you like, to your own forums. (sorry about the typos in the images but they are kinda my trademark lol)

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Here's a tip for those of you seeing this forum as Zeta - you can bookmark any messages you might want to view later. Then instead of searching for them you can use the List of Discussions menu on the left to filter in your Bookmarks.

To bookmark just click the small bookmark icon to the left of Reply on the message you wish to save. Clicking on it again removes the bookmark.


To find your bookmarked messages use the Discussions List Filter.  Bookmarks are the last item.


From: rendercat


Thank ya for the explaination. 'preciated.

You are welcome (and it's good to see you!)

got it…..thank's….
BUT….as alway's….human are built like this…..ALL changes are perceived as negative….(even if the result are better)….simple as that……
now my question…..are there SOME way to get the "ol'" version back……as "classic view" on forum..???…..witch I use….even on my smart-phone….

thank's in advance

host of

thebaron (albinahlvin) said:

re there SOME way to get the "ol'" version back……as "classic view" on forum.

Do you mean for the forum post or Private Messages

sorry….for the private messages……