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Started 1/27/18 by Darn these winter slippers! (Kidmagnet); 3412 views.
In reply toRe: msg 2

Here's a tip for those of you seeing this forum as Zeta - you can bookmark any messages you might want to view later. Then instead of searching for them you can use the List of Discussions menu on the left to filter in your Bookmarks.

To bookmark just click the small bookmark icon to the left of Reply on the message you wish to save. Clicking on it again removes the bookmark.


To find your bookmarked messages use the Discussions List Filter.  Bookmarks are the last item.


From: rendercat


Thank ya for the explaination. 'preciated.

You are welcome (and it's good to see you!)

got it…..thank's….
BUT….as alway's….human are built like this…..ALL changes are perceived as negative….(even if the result are better)….simple as that……
now my question…..are there SOME way to get the "ol'" version back……as "classic view" on forum..???…..witch I use….even on my smart-phone….

thank's in advance

host of

thebaron (albinahlvin) said:

re there SOME way to get the "ol'" version back……as "classic view" on forum.

Do you mean for the forum post or Private Messages

sorry….for the private messages……


It does not seem like it.

As far as I understand that older system could not update to do what the members have been requesting (a way to delete more than one message at a time) Delphi's PM system is utilized through chat as well (I think through Whispers?) and members were being flooded with individual PMS which were taking ages to delete one at a time. 

I've never had much success using the old style PMs on my iPhone, I'm surprised you prefer it- but I'm guess they worked fine for you.

okey….got it….guess that this ol'timer just have to get used to the new version….(G)
BUT one thing for sure…..DON'T EVER (G) think of get rid of that "classic view"…
MOST of our member use that version….coz nobody/few like the "new" version….