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Need help testing PMs   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 2/4/18 by Lurkmagnet(Lurk) (lurkmagnet); 826 views.

***UPDATE: Thank you - I'm done testing for now.

Hey this is Kidmagnet's basic ID and I need help testing PMs. My Kidmagnet account is receiving PMs that disappear before I can see them. The first one appeared as an error and then vanished. I have now twice seen the indicator tell me I have a new PM but when I scroll through my 100 or so conversations (no, I do not know the meaning off excess lol) I cannot find it and the indicator then says 0

So it could be that first error message still stuck and trying to load.

Anyhoo - please click on my name here or in the Recent Contributors list (if you view as Zeta) once to access the Send a Private Message Link and send me a hello. Then post here and let me know that you did. I will most likely have follow up questions for you so participate at your own risk!

Please AND thank you!

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Well how rude, I am not even appearing in the Recent Contributors section! Here's also a link to my profile where you can also find a Send Private Message Link.

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Thank you for testing and to the rest of you as well. The error did not repeat so hopefully it was a passing hinkiness.