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New Forum format, E-Mail Notifications, Color   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 4/29/19 by srragland; 405 views.

From: srragland


I noticed that on a new forum that was just created there is an option Follow in order to be notified of new posts that are posted on that forum.  Is there any way to ONLY get notified of new posts posted to me?  I am still not able to get post notifications through my Comcast e-mail. 

Also, is this option Follow only available on newly created forums?  Is there any way I can be notified of new posts on older forums?

I also noticed that there is no option for color on the new forum, Living Cross Currents.  However, some text I had in a Word document that was red showed up red in the forum post, although most of my colors did not carry over from my Word document.

Thanks, Susan


From: gunter


There is no option to get notifications of posts just to you but all the way at the top of pages shows New Msgs and New PMs to you. In Classic which I assume is the older forums your refer to:

New Forum Messagesto me

New Private Messagesto me

In Zeta it's the boxes top right:

Classic forums have the envelope icon top right to subscribe to forums and an envelope icon above each discussion to subscribe to just that discussion.

Individual forums can set colors and other editor options, ask staff to check editor options set in Controls if they want them. Using the Paste from Word icon on the editor toolbar may help, but it's not totally accurate.

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From: srragland


Okay, thanks Gunter.  I guess if I ever get this Comcast thing straightened out I will be able to get post notifications for posts just to me.  Meanwhile, I like the new forum format where I get e-mail notifications all new posts to and from to everyone.

I've gone toe-to-toe with Comcast sending to my Comcast spam folder for years. Gunter suggested that I get a gmail account and use that account to forward email to my Comcast account. Works for me.

From: srragland


Thanks, I have been considering a  gmail account,   Can you have that e-mail automatically forward to Comcast?

Would I have to change my handle name?

I do not even get the Delphi post notifications in my spam folder.

-Can you have that e-mail automatically forward to Comcast?-

It's a setting. When you get your account click on the gear; click on Settings; click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Under Forwarding click on Forward a copy of incoming mail to...and enter your Comcast email address. Click on Save Changes. Test it out by sending yourself a forum discussion reply.

-Would I have to change my handle name?-

Use whatever name you want in your new gmail account. If it's already taken the site will tell you.

-I do not even get the Delphi post notifications in my spam folder.-

Odd. Good chance you may have your Comcast email Advanced Settings on Spam turned on. That may send right to the trash.


From: srragland


Thanks a lot for all that information.  I will try to set that up as soon as I have time.