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"Account Cancelled"    Account Maintenance

Started 10/29/19 by Gail (Lupie2); 767 views.
Gail (Lupie2)

From: Gail (Lupie2)



I'm under a different username than the one I usually use. My main account is having a problem and I could use your help, please. The username is Loopsieloo and my email is

The account I am writing you under is a secondary account and I'm only using it to be able to log in and write for help.  

Yesterday evening I was in the Signature tag forums as usual for me. When attempting to make a post I got the notice "You can't post here". This happened in more than one forum. I tried PMing someone and I wasn't able to PM either.

So I decided to log all the way out. Now when I attempt to log in, I get the notice "Authenticate Error: BAD- Account Cancelled". I have no idea WHY my account would be cancelled. I certainly didn't cancel it. 

I was recently absent from Delphi for approximately 2 years and returned as a basic member and then went to extra (I believe that's the name of the plan) but I didn't care for it so I upgraded to Plus on 10/14/19.  I paid for the entire year. 

If there is any further information required please let me know. I'll do my best to help you help me :)

I am on iMac: OS Catalina 10.15

I use Chrome :

Google Chrome is up to date
Version 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)

(I'd also like to know ...once this issue is resolved, I wonder if there is ANY possible way to restore my original account name of "Lupieloo" which I opened back in the early 2000's. I don't recall particulars at this time but I used that account for some years. I was, at some point unable to log in. Not being aware of the Member Services Forum at that time, I just created a new account. That account being the "Loopsieloo" account I'm seeking assistance for today. I would ideally like to be able to use my original account of "Lupieloo" as it actually has a significant meaning to me. If that's a possibility, great... If not, I'll live ;)

Thank you ever so much! 


From: gunter


You may have accidentally closed the account. Loopsieloo is now active again and you should be able to log in as before.

Your description of Lupieloo doesn't match info on record.

In reply toRe: msg 2

Thank you so much Gunter! I suppose I could have inadvertently closed it. My vision isn't the best. (nor is my mind!) ;)

As for "Lupieloo"...what information could I possibly provide to assist in reinstating that account? My memory is not the best at this point in my life, so I understand that my description could be lacking. I'm willing to do whatever it might take to help with identifying it as mine.

Thank you again for you assistance. Always so helpful here!


From: WaltHowe


There was a lupilu account back in 2008. Could that be it?

Gail (Lupie2)

From: Gail (Lupie2)


Hello Mr. Howe (Hehe, same last name as me) :)

No, unfortunately not. Lupilu wasn't mine. 

When I opened the Lupieloo account my last name might have been different though. I'm trying to recall at what point I took my maiden name back, as it relates to the timing of the account. I'm not certain if that matters. Maybe the account really did get "lost". It was odd how I could never even get some sort of acknowledgement that the account ever existed. (such as an "incorrect password" notice) That is why I went ahead and created "Loopsieloo"  

Thank you for your help. I appreciate you folks very much! :) 

Gail Howe


From: WaltHowe


There was a loopeyloo in 1999, and loopey_lu in 2000, and a loopyielou in 2014.

I had a cousin Gail Howe, but she died a few years ago.

Oh wow, really? That's a big coincidence. I'm sorry to hear she passed. I used to think "Howe" was a fairly uncommon name. Gail as well. But then, I found FB some years ago and there are a lot of "Howes". LOL

That's so odd that my old account seems to have just disappeared as if it never existed. Maybe I should have inquired several years ago. lol

I can live with that. I certainly appreciate all your time and effort.

Take care. Thanks again! :)

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Gail if this happens again consider removing the :) from your nickname. I'm not sure it's related to your account closing down but I have my doubts you did so accidentally without recalling the error. like I said elsewhere it's not a one click process.

Consider it done :)

Thanks so much for posting your comments as it really helped me to let go of the idea that I had somehow done such an odd thing after just paying up for a year LOL

I appreciate you very much!

Enjoy your afternoon/evening! :O)

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Ok lol I’m going to test post to you from a new discussion to make sure your name is fixed. 

Editing to say that it worked!