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"Account Cancelled"    Account Maintenance

Started 10/29/19 by Gail (Lupie2); 771 views.

From: WaltHowe


There was a loopeyloo in 1999, and loopey_lu in 2000, and a loopyielou in 2014.

I had a cousin Gail Howe, but she died a few years ago.

Oh wow, really? That's a big coincidence. I'm sorry to hear she passed. I used to think "Howe" was a fairly uncommon name. Gail as well. But then, I found FB some years ago and there are a lot of "Howes". LOL

That's so odd that my old account seems to have just disappeared as if it never existed. Maybe I should have inquired several years ago. lol

I can live with that. I certainly appreciate all your time and effort.

Take care. Thanks again! :)

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Gail if this happens again consider removing the :) from your nickname. I'm not sure it's related to your account closing down but I have my doubts you did so accidentally without recalling the error. like I said elsewhere it's not a one click process.

Consider it done :)

Thanks so much for posting your comments as it really helped me to let go of the idea that I had somehow done such an odd thing after just paying up for a year LOL

I appreciate you very much!

Enjoy your afternoon/evening! :O)

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Ok lol I’m going to test post to you from a new discussion to make sure your name is fixed. 

Editing to say that it worked! 

Wheeeee! :) So sorry for the delayed reply. I'm glad something has gone in the right direction lol
So, you're right...the :) in the nickname is a pfffft! Heheee
Thanks again. *edited to take out something stupid I said LOL :O)