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ok I made a mistake adding images   Attachments

Started Sep-26 by Margie (ILovePhotos); 462 views.

From: Kidmagnet


Can you explain what you mean by "your group"? Do you mean yuor forum? In a post?

Are you adding photos copied and pasted form the internet (random sites, Facebook... etc) Or from your computer? Or are they your photos you've uploaded to a file storage site?

If they are your photos/tags or any images and they are saved on yuor computer you can add them to posts this way

It's best to limit them to a few per messages.

If I'm not getting you here - just explain a bit more

It said I used up my limit for images


From: Kidmagnet


Sounds like they were attaching instead of embedding.

If these are from Facebook, save them to your device first, then follow that link I gave you to post them on Delphi. You can delete from your device after if you wish.

Can you try posting it here?

  • Edited September 26, 2021 10:47 pm  by  Kidmagnet

From: Kidmagnet


If you wish to copy images from Facebook while you are on your phone you can either take a screenshot or tap the photos until you see Save Image. Then you can post is to Delphi from your phone using Insert Image.

The computer is pretty much the same.

Are you using Mac or Windows? And is your phone Apple or Android?


From: Kidmagnet


Oh sorry - I forget you view this as Classic - post in your own forum and I will take a look there. I need to see what type of file it is.

I tried the other way too It won't let me add images anympre

In reply toRe: msg 9

ok that works ty