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trouble posting for a friend   Technical Issues/Bugs

I got a friend who is having a hard time posting cause his post bottom is missing the one that says post preview cancel and options he is missing it and the forum he is in is a classic forum. I know cause I see the preview of the forum set up. He can only get in chat with the forum classic with zeta I can post in the forum and he can't his name is witness2020

From: Kidmagnet


This type of problem is usually either a bad saved link (bookmark/favourite) or an uncleared cache.

Tell him to log out, close all browser tabs with Delphi on them, close the full browser and reopen it. Open a new tab and in the address bar type and sign in from the home page. He can use the My Forum link (star in the upper right corner) to find the forum link.

If he still has problems this link shows how to clear the cache (but it will log him out of any other sites he may have open on other tabs)

And if none of that helps ask him to post here so folks can troubleshoot directly with him.

* You can copy and repost this info


From: gunter


This is the same problem posted about earlier.  He needs to post here himself as before. 

Not clear if he tried lowering font size here in the forum, which would also feed back to your Classic forum .  It's the AA icon on the, top right of the page here.

ok this person needs a lot of help. He is not computer smart. I don't even know how he gets on here. he is one of those people that loses his pw a lot and has to rely on a new code every time he logs in. How do I get him to see that he that he needs to save his book mark from the main board, and get it up on top and see him this. I know how to do it on mine but he doesn't know how to do this.
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ok Gunter I will direct him to you. It only the one forum he belongs to I think he been in mine but never tried posting there.