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Unwanted PMs - TIP   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 7/29/22 by A Kid by any other name... (Kidmagnet); 839 views.

Whether it's spam, unwanted comments or someone persistently advertising their forum via invites in your Private Message inbox  -there is one simple trick to stop them dead in their tracks.

Click on the members profile picture in your PM Inbox, then clcik on IGNORE!

BAM - no more PMs from them.

(I did my best to conceal the member's identity. kissing_smiling_eyes)

But Kid, they can just open a new account and send another!

It takes literally seconds to click Ignore - it takes them much longer to open a new account. And you are free to get on with your posting pleasure!


From: RITA965


Hey Kidmagnet,

I am just learning my way around here and wonder if you would be kind enough to tell me how I send a Private Message?

If you have the time please, any help you can give me on posting emoticons… smiley faces, etc., would be appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance for your help! :-)



From: gunter


Posting PMs is easy, just click on someone's membername on messages or in chat to open their Profile with a link to send PMs.

In reply toRe: msg 4

From: RITA965


Thank you very kindly..sounds easy enough!

It is that easy but... keep your expectation low lol It's a very basic - text only system.

Smilies only work in forum posts if they are provided by Delphi. If you do not see the happy face icon on the toolbar when you compose your post, you can revert to the turn of the century and create your own





OR visit this forum where I created an index of sorts with all the Delphi smilies, emoji and reactions! Simply, choose... copy... paste!

In reply toRe: msg 6

Testing the copy paste from mobile... this might be huge 

not bad 

inserted from toolbar... mouse


From: RITA965


Thank you! Did follow your link and “bazinga” there they were…! I’ve seen them on several posts and use them on my iPad but they don’t translate here… I did fail the test on what to ask for…. Icon? Emoticon?….aha, emoji!!

In any event, I have added them to my photos and tried to copy and paste without any success…only thing I end up pasting here is the link to your emojis.

I will try again later as I am sitting here with my lovely mother who is in a very chatty mood and demands my full attention…she will be 95 in a couple of days and always wins the attention battle…lol

They are not enabled in this forum when you view from desktop (they are on mobile). Even on forums where they are enabled, if the forum is Classic or you view a Zeta forum as Classic - the smilies offered are few and very old school. 

Saving images to your photos - they only show in your profile. You'd need to either copy and paste from my forum or save your favs to you device/computer and insert in posts as you would a photo.

Happy Birthdaytulip to your mom! tada