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How do I get rid of the floating edit pane?   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Nov-6 by RebeccahQP; 180 views.

From: RebeccahQP


Occasionally, while on my Android phone composing a post, a floating edit pane pops up with a whole bunch of buttons and options that I normally don't have access to on the phone.  While those can be useful functions, when they pop up on the phone they obscure my post-in-progress as well as the buttons that enable me to submit it cancel it.  Once I figure out how to maneuver the submit button into view and click it, the popup edit pane continues to hover and obscures the other posts in the thread.

Sometimes I can manage to make it go away, but other times I have to close my Delphi window and re-log in.

What is the trick to using this pane?  How do I make it appear when I want it, and most importantly, how do I make it disappear when I don't?

  • Edited November 6, 2022 12:49 pm  by  RebeccahQP

From: gunter


I take it this is the full editor toolbar showing up. Android normally shows a limited editor unless you pick the Desktop Site in browser settings, but that's not floating as you describe  it.  Does orientation of the phone make a difference?

haven't experienced this ... wondering if anyone else experiences similar ...

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From: RebeccahQP


The next time it happens, I'll try to take a screenshot or three.