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Help -- where is Delphi Extra?   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started Nov-7 by JZBelle; 192 views.

From: JZBelle


Hey all what is going on? We have had Delphi Extra for years.

I just now opened a contest assuming that Delphi Extra was still an option -- it's not on the list anymore.

See my post here . . .

I ran into this one other time before and somehow Delphi had messed up and did not include it and this issue was fixed, but now, it's gone again.

Do I need to stop my contest, because I don't plan to give a Plus membership.

Please help as soon as possible, so I can apologize to members and stop the contest if the Extra is no longer.

Julea, host of Family Matters.

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: JZBelle


I "think" I figured it out. If I click on someone who has plus, the Extra does not show up; however, if clicking on a basic member it does.

So, I will continue with the contest. I've done many of these over the years I've been with Delphi and hate to stop now. It's fun for the member as well as for me.