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Why can't I do a gift subscription?   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started 4/1/23 by JZBelle; 636 views.
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From: JZBelle


Soooo, it's a method of payment - evidently one that Delphi does not honor which is strange! gunter I've run 16 (this is the 17th one) contests over the years, and until this one, payment has never been an issue. Evidently all those other 16 members did not use paypal. You all need to get up with the times!

I think it is saying that I used my PayPal account to pay for my subscription as I normally do for small purchases. I have no idea why this should matter???



From: gunter


Your subscription is handled by PayPal. PayPal doesn't know nothing about no gifts here through our own charging system.

It's a  good wishlist item to somehow pass that info on to PayPal.

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From: JZBelle


This is a real bummer! It seems you should let members know not to use paypal when joining Delphi. However, when I went this afternoon to "pretent" to update my info with you, paypal was not even on there. So, perhaps you have removed it since Annette joined Delphi. At any rate, it is not good to join Delphi using paypal from what I see.
  • Edited April 1, 2023 7:27 pm  by  JZBelle
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For my next renewal I will use my credit card.