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2016-2017 Fall TV Season Predictions   TV/Radio Salad

Started 9/12/16 by Tony W. (TONYW1); 1387 views.
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Tony W. (TONYW1)

From: Tony W. (TONYW1)


We're at midseason, so it's time for a look at how well my crystal ball has been working this year...

I picked 3 Big Hits:

Designated Survivor - It's not a smash hit, but it is doing well for ABC. It's their second highest rated new show (behind Speechless), and their #8 show overall.

Kevin Can Wait - It's the #3 show on CBS, although it's hard to tell how much of that is due to the strong lead-in from Big Bang Theory.

This is Us - It's by far the highest rated new show on any network, and it's the #1 show on NBC (even ahead of The Voice.) The very definition of a Big Hit.

These were my picks for Minor Hits:

Bull - It's just behind Kevin Can Wait as the #4 show on CBS. It's a hit.

The Great Indoors - It's just behind Bull as the #5 show on CBS. Another hit.

Notorious - I thought it would fit right in between Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder. I was wrong. Cancelled.

Pure Genius - Not much better than Notorious. Cancelled.

Son of Zorn - A modest hit for FOX.

Speechless - It's the #1 new show on ABC, and their #4 show overall. A hit.

Timeless - A so-so performer for NBC. Chances of a second season are slim.

These were my picks for Just Misses:

Conviction - It missed. By a lot. Cancelled.

Frequency - Ratings are bad, even by The CW's standards, but that's not necessarily a guarantee of cancellation. We'll have to wait and see.

The Good Place - It's a modest hit for NBC, their #4 show overall.

Lethal Weapon - Doing well for FOX.

MacGyver - It lags just behind Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods. A pretty good Friday night performer.

Man with a Plan - Not a big hit, but probably doing well enough to get a second season.

No Tomorrow - Even lower rated than Frequency, but again we'll have to wait and see what The CW does.

And here were my picks for Big Flops:

American Housewife - I thought it would be an anchor, sinking in between The Middle and Fresh Off the Boat. It has actually proved to be a nice fit. Whoops!

The Exorcist - The second lowest rated show on FOX. Ratings were bad, even for Friday night. It's a goner.

Pitch - Ratings were almost as bad as The Exorcist, but it aired on Thursday where expectations are higher. All 10 episodes have aired, and I can't imagine it will be back.


From: Showtalk


Considering the changing TV landscape, you did pretty well.  Overall you still do better than the networks, who shouldn't have any flops at all.


From: brb


It seems this is your best year yet for picking.  Isn't it?  Anyway its very good.

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Tony W. (TONYW1)

From: Tony W. (TONYW1)


Yes, I seem to have done pretty well so far this year. We'll see lf anything changes by the end of the season.