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Big Brother/Amazing Race   TV by Title (Unscripted)

Started 5/16/18 by MHart_SKHigh85 (MARIAHART); 236 views.
I saw a Headline on Yahoo, that said something
about either a Mashup of people from Amazing
Race on Big Brother or the opposite. I didn't
click on the Headline, but it was confusing for me.
Tony W. (TONYW1)

From: Tony W. (TONYW1)


It's rumored that the next season of The Amazing Race will consist of teams made up of former Big Brother houseguests. No doubt this was inspired by Cody & Jessica, who won last season's Race.

TMZ is reporting that James Huling will partner with Corey Brooks, while Caleb Reynolds and Rachel Reilly are also in the race.

Filming on the season is set to begin at the end of May, so none of this news is officially confirmed yet.


TMZ, was talking about 2 current Survivor people being in trouble. I guess they shot a photo with each other.
Tony W. (TONYW1)

From: Tony W. (TONYW1)


Yep, looks like one of the contestants from the next season (which just finished filming last week and will air in the Fall) posted a picture of himself with his arm around another contestant. That's a big no-no. All contestants sign an NDA that contains a potential $5 million fine for doing something like this. Apparently in this case the guy will only have to forfeit his appearance fee (but not prize money) and will not appear on the final "reunion" episode.

I thought that they were from the season ending next week.
Tony W. (TONYW1)

From: Tony W. (TONYW1)


No, they're definitely not from the currently airing season. Survivor officials have already acknowledged that they're from the upcoming fall season. The guy who posted the picture (Alec Merlino) has been stripped of his $10,000 appearance fee and will not appear in the live reunion episode. Now it turns out the woman (Kara Kay) was fully aware of what Merlino was doing, and participated with him in posting photos and videos together (which is not allowed before the season airs), so she might be fined as well. So far neither has officially been slapped with the full $5 million penalty for breaking their NDA, but that's always a possibility, as is forfeiting any prize money they might have won.