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Today in History, June 14   Entertainment

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Today in History, June 14

2015 - The European Space Agency says space probe Philae, thought lost, has woken up after a seven-month sleep and is on the back of a comet heading towards the sun.

2016 - Reeva Steenkamp's father breaks down in a South African court as he tells a sentencing hearing it has been "very difficult" to forgive former athlete Oscar Pistorius for murdering his daughter three years ago.

2017 - At least 72 people are killed in a fire in London's 24-storey Grenfell Tower block of flats.

2018 - Performance artist Mike Parr begins his three-day stint buried alive under a Hobart street as part of the Dark Mofo winter festival.

2019 - Residents of a 10-storey building in the Sydney suburb of Mascot are evacuated "as a precaution" after movement and cracks are detected.

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