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Defining Spirit and Soul

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The words are often used with definitions that differ greatly. Can we get these defined as we can observe in biology?

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Defining "spirit".

Started 6/30/17 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 320 views.
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CoachDonSul said:

Spirit, personality, Consciousness, etc. all of them exist only in language.

So someone who cannot speak has no spirit?  Language might be an expression of a spirit but it is not the spirit. Spirit is an inner experience. We can express it through action or language or we may not express it at all. It is a result of the chemistry but it is not the chemistry itself.

Is it strictly imaginary? As long as we are alive we have spirit. When we die nothing biological or chemical changes, does it? The chemical reaction stops but all the chemicals are still there.

God is spiritual? Does god only exist in our imagination? Can god only work miracles in myths? The god one person imagines is different from the god another person imagines. They may be similar within a culture but what one person hears from god is not the same as another person.

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When a baby is born it is born with a Spirit that will stay with that Soul till it dies.

When an animal is born it is a living Soul with instinct.

When a human dies the Spirit that it was born with returns to God for safe keeping till it is needed.

When an adult becomes a Christian said person will have a New Spirit from God as long as they remain A Christian.



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Re: spirit and soul

Where did you hear these stories?

Probably in the Bible.


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Does a fish have a spirit? By our definition so far, if it is conscious it does. What happens to the spirit of the fish when I capture it and kill it? Is there a fish heaven?

Is there a heaven for people of your religion? Do people of other religions go to your heaven or do they have a different heaven? Exactly where are all these heavens? These heavens only exist in your imagination. When your imagination dies so doe your memories, gods and demons.

So how do we explain past life experiences? It happens too often to ignore but is certainly not common. I don't remember any past lives. I can't prove reports of past lives are not true. Some I can say are less believable than others but proof evades me.

If there is another life after this one does our religion really matter? If this spirit is related to our chemistry is the chemistry of an atheist any different from a catholic?

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Please give me references in the bible about these things.

When we die our spirit returns to God for safe keeping?

A Christians spirit is different from an atheist? His thoughts are but does this make his thoughts and memories immortal? Yes, the thoughts of a Christian are different from an atheist or a Muslim, but when  they die, they all die alike.

Catholics go to a Catholic heaven. Protestants go to a protestant heaven. Muslims go to a Muslim heaven. Vikings go to Valhalla (or what ever). Do atheists go to an atheist heaven?

If everybody believes everybody but their religion is going to hell then we are all going to hell (or we all have a heaven).