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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member IconFeb-20 3:39 PM 
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Trump is President! What's your outlook for the country? (Comments?)
Yay! We'er finally on the right track!
Boo! The country is screwed for sure!
Hmmm; okay, I guess.
Hmmm; kind of a downer.
Not much to say one way or the other.
Trump is President???

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From: HWPeeler (HPeeler) DelphiPlus Member IconFeb-24 9:11 PM 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (2 of 7) 
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I went with "okay I guess". It is just too early to judge. What all is he really going to do on health care?



From: Dominus Veritatis (Zaige) DelphiPlus Member IconFeb-28 9:56 AM 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (3 of 7) 
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What are we even going to do, besides what's already been done?

There is no paramilitary, Nazi-reminiscent force patrolling the streets, smashing down doors and hauling away Immigrants and Muslims to prison camps, to my knowledge, which is what many of us were sort of expecting, nor any Laws or 'Decrees' that anyone harboring an Immigrant will be executed. As strongly as I think many Republicans feel about their antipathy towards anything not 'All-American' and 'Traditional' (according to what they were brought up to believe were American 'traditions'), there is just too much red tape on how disgusting they can be, without earning enough ire from the American people (Democracy and whatnot) to endanger their positions, even if all Public Opinion can do is be used as an excuse to remove someone because of 'what would the people think'.

Every time a President has been elected into office, as far back as George Washington (if the Textbooks can be believed), there have always been those who are FOR, and those who are AGAINST, that person's being made the Leader of the United States. Even though our U.S. Constitution has changed so much since the first draft, I can't help but feel like this is just history repeating.

Sure, Donald Trump has said some really ignorant and obnoxious things, but can you guarantee 100% that the things he says, aren't what his Political Party all already believe? Maybe he isn't as implicit with it, and is tactless with his expression of his beliefs, but who is to say that - if Truth Serum truly existed - other Republicans wouldn't be firing off at the mouth with the same declarations and outbursts?

I hate to come off as a downer, but I've seen little indication that we - as people, or even just as Americans - aren't just adopting secondhand roles, just thinking we're making an original statement, or taking an original stance, on a thing. When you finally wade through all of the distractions (trends, fads, clothing, 'social norms', cultures, speech patterns, languages, prejudices, etc), what you tend to see is something resembling 326 Million Zombies lurching around, repeating the same mantras and chants as the speakers and widescreams screech out at them, capable at their core of just shaking off the chains wrapped around their attire with that attire's Commercial Endorsements <NASCAR much?!>, but conditioned over the course of countless generations to spend less time wondering "What the f*** are these people around me doing?!", and more time just mirroring said behavior.


How this is relevant to the 'question' about Donald Trump as President:

It is what it is, but while I think he will go down in the textbooks for his unconventional methods, I don't think he will be the first, or the last, and when we're at an age where Society indoctrinates it's youth to stop listening to us, and to consider anything we know or think to be 'obsolete', it will all happen all over again...rinse, cycle, repeat.


From: RGoss99Mar-2 5:25 AM 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (4 of 7) 
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And what track is that?


From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member IconMar-3 7:59 PM 
To: HWPeeler (HPeeler) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (5 of 7) 
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I went with "okay I guess". It is just too early to judge.

Yep. Trump's been President for barely a month.

What all is he really going to do on health care?

I guess 'Repeal and Replace" Obama Care. Details are sketchy right now. Probably go for mostly private insurance plans with government support for pre-existent conditions plans.

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From: CarryonallMar-4 1:59 AM 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (6 of 7) 
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I am not governed directly tho policies will affect here his dealings with Canada.

looking at all the different




wolves in sheep's clothing in power and getting elected

the world can see all his flaws


just maybe

the world will also see his humanity




From: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member IconMar-8 5:44 PM 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (7 of 7) 
 2674.7 in reply to 2674.1 

Pretty much business and politics as usual, craziness on all three sides of the table.


USCG Engineer 1961-1982

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