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Ewan McGregor

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Andrew Walker on Trainspotting: Brilliant film. Brilliant acting. Very dark and stark, but the comedic balance is perfect. Based on a fantastic book, and one of few times a book has translated really well to the big screen without scrapping 90% of what makes it great.

Andrew Walker on the Star Wars prequels: Flawed. George Lucas should never write dialogue because he doesn't care about dialogue. Jar-Jar was just bad. Hayden Christensen is totally wooden. But the basic story is fine and there's enough entertainment to carry it. Just. And Natalie Portman

Maureen Conklin: Just disappointing. As Andrew said, Lucas doesn't write dialogue well. It was a very cool storyline that just needed better execution. The costumes were beautiful and it was visually wonderful. I just found it unsatisfying. The best of the three was Revenge of the Sith.

Leona Rivet on the prequels: I like AOTC & ROTS of the prequels. The only Disney version I liked was Rogue One.

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