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Andrew Waler on his favourite of the Star Wars films: Empire.... A step up from the simple space-western of the first film, and no f'ing Disney-Ewoks.

Wim Bakker: Empire was the first one I saw, but Andrew Walker I love the ewoks.

Dominic BlacK: I like Star Wars and Star Trek but my favourite film of the Star Wars films would probably have to be the first one, I liked the originality, whereas with Star Trek this seems to get better with age. A big disappointed, for me, with Star Wars is that I was looking forward to the whole story of the original trilogy with three prequels and three sequels, only recently out and thanks to Disney. Star Trek doesn't let you down

Paul Murphy: I have n't seen any of the Star Wars films.

Rob McKenzie: Star Wars films aren't my thing, neither are war films.

Sean Miller on his favourite Star Wars film: Would have to be "Star Wars", the original... was so "epic" when it first came out... quite unlike anything that had gone before... "sequels" never match the original, partly because they repeat things that "were new" first time around...

Brian Irwin: The first one they made is my favorite. Technically it is the 4th in the series and it’s called A New Hope.

Melanie O'Grady: Return of the Jedi is my favourite Star Wars film.

Peter Gilmour: I saw ten minutes of the first one that was enough for me.

Leona Rivet: Return of the Jedi. I love the Emperor, Ewoks, Lukr and Vader battle, and the ship destruction. It has been my favorite since we saw it at the theater during premiere weekend.

Jo Gilland on the Star Wars sequels: Long drawn out and boring but ssssßhhhdont tell anyone I said that!!!!

Martin Noonan on the Star Wars sequels: overhyped boring and repetitive the first movie was a classic though

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