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Thursday, September 30th - To Do

Started 9/30/21 by scapermom; 150 views.

From: friedchickn


And it's payday....

First up...time to clean the dryer vent.  Dry time is past 50 minutes and that's always my signal that it's time.  It's the weirdest longest this is gonna be a process.

Then it's on to bills.  Time to make the money fly daddy...

We brought home so much food from last night's dinner that I'm off the hook for lunch and dinner!!!!  Woot woot

piano practice

yoga tonight

1 chapter

need to pay the goat cheese lady, hit the little free library for dd, start next week's list and schedule the dog's nails

Might feed my sour dough starter and leave his spawn to deal with next week....might just let him nap til next week...period.


From: scapermom


My DH rerigged our dryer vent to make it an easier cleanout. Yeah as soon as I have to do a redo of the drying cycle I know it’s cleanout time. No joke, people across the street had a fire from that.

I must have started this list like 3 times -but here goes another try. Now that DH has left to take parents to appointments, my life is my own…

Ok, so morning routine is mostly done, need to collect laundry then put up a load. We walked dog before he left and I did 10 onthe bike while watching a movie DH had on. Who watches movies at 10am? He does…oy! Clear head.

Got my CSA bag in and unloaded. There are potatoes and peppers in there, so I’m going to run to the local Italian specialty store for sausages to make with that for dinner. 
Have leftover filing to do from yesterday. 
need to read the dang book!


From: friedchickn


Our dryer vent is a long ridiculous run....there's no fixing it, unfortunately.