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Monday, October 4th - To Do

Started Oct-4 by scapermom; 107 views.

From: scapermom


First Monday in October list?

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From: scapermom


Another Monday and it’s underway. Bed stripped, towels and table linens exchanged, kitchen table & counters lysoled

Dog’s been out & fed, kitchen put away and laundry started.

Getting back on the Flylady bandwagon. Good thing this month’s habit is paper clutter, I’ve got a bunch of it and need to work my way through it. Today’s 15 minute hot spot will be the dining room table. 

The zone is the Kitchen and today’s mission involves cleaning the trash can. Mine can certainly use it.

Forgot to weigh & measure when I woke up but it’s the start of another Hot Melt Sprint, so coffee only so far. No milk for smoothie (thought I’d get my coconut milk order over the weekend but no such luck) So I’l do the egg breakfast after 10 mins on bike. Want to stretch a bit first. 

Really would like to get out to the grocery for some things I missed. Have to see if I can squeeze it in, if not today, then tomorrow.

I’ll listen to Flylady at 11 to get the rest of the WHB tasks done quickly.

Need to resolve an Arbonne payment issue. Don’t know if I’ll have the head or patience for that today though.

Dog walk later tonight when it’s cooler. It’s hot & humid again here.

Started watching the new Survivor season last night (my DVR remembered). Want to see if I can watch the second episode tonight so I’ll be up to date for this week.

Sheet pan chicken fajitas tonight. 


From: friedchickn


Oh this week is gonna just is.  Here's to hoping that we can just do what needs doing and that things work out reasonably well.  I'm not asking for a bunch of miracles....just a couple of low grade wins would be nice (or straight out losses)

DD came home with us from the boat, she has some online stuff to do and she's planning on visiting the grandparents.  She'll head home tonight.

We started binge watching Squid Game last night.  WTF!!!!  It's really good but seriously bizarre.

Breakfast is done, farm stand run done....should be set for the week, laundry started and sourdough starter is pulled out.  Think I'll make waffle batter.

Workout, plank and GHD

bills, receipts and many emails.  week money distributed

piano lesson at 2

cat litter

water the plants

Tonight is the select board meeting where hopefully the grease trap issue gets a path forward.  Dh is putting the last touches on his presentation.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Read more of my book

Work out boarding for our down/back to sell GG's house.  And tighten up this week's schedule...there are alot of moving parts so I really need to stay on top of them.