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Monday, November 1st - To Do

Started Nov-1 by scapermom; 101 views.

From: scapermom


Whoa dude! new month new list?

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From: scapermom


Monday in all it’s glory. Started the morning routine. Dog’s done. Need to put up laundry and finish the kitchen.

Weekly home blessing under way as well. Stripped the bed, towels and table linens are refreshed. Table, island and counters sanitized. Need to put more Lysol cleaner on my list, I’m running out.

My sister gave me some cloth napkins that were my moms, but they are linen (or something that wrinkles and gets hard after washing) and need to be ironed or something. I don’t have time for that! 

I’ll do 10 on the bike in a few and some arm work.

I’ll do the rest of the WHB tasks at 11 with flylady 

Zone mission and whatever this month’s new habit is. Need to go through emails.

I need a dinner plan


From: friedchickn


How the heck is it November?  This year is just cruising past and not in a good way....

Trying to incorporate more normal stuff since I feel more normal.  

No piano lesson this week, cause I didn't practice at all.  BUt this week I'll get back to practicing in anticipation of next week's lesson.

Fold the load of laundry that's done.  dh will carry it up.

Bills, receipts and emails....easy desk work.  Week money distribution.

Water the plants.  dh will have to get the high ones.  No climbing on chairs.

I'd like to go get a new book at the library.

If the rain holds out, I'll walk the dog down to the end of the road and back (leashless)

Maybe an after dh works trip to the grocery.  Although I may go and just ask one of those nice bagger boys to bring it to my car like the old lady I am.

I have a pile to shred. 

And I said I'd make curried chicken salad for lunches.


From: friedchickn


Linen pisses me  Dd got me the cutest linen placemats....ughhhh they're a beast.