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Tuesday, November 2nd - To Do

Started Nov-2 by scapermom; 82 views.

From: scapermom


Weird writing November —- List?

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From: scapermom


Slept like crap and most of it wasn’t even my fault. Idiot with a loud motor/muffler? Decided to floor it up & down my street and possibly did circles on our corner at 2am. Fell back to sleep but then woke up around 3:30 for bathroom. THen DH didn’t hear his alarm at 4:30 but I did. School kids and buses at 7… Ugh gonna be a high amount of coffee day.

Morning routine started barely. Need to collect laundry and then put up a wash. Dog’s done. I’ll get to the kitchen after the 4 minute workout.

Want to make a kohls run for some possible new workout clothes. Mine are getting ratty. I got a 30% in store coupon. 

Need to take a quick inventory of what I have in the freezer and get a meal plan down for the rest of the week. It’s also the flylady monthly habit this month. 

Today’s zone mission (front entrance) and I want to vacuum upstairs (dog is going into shed mode to get her winter coat). My other 3 huskies were banned from upstairs for this reason. This one is completely spoiled and goes anywhere she wants. 

Not sure I’ll get a dog walk in. Looks like rain on & off all day.

Just me for dinner, so I’ll try to finish up some leftovers I guess. Feels like a soup day, so if they don’t entice me I’ll make a soup recipe I was reading from Wegmans email. It looked easy & I’ve got all the ingredients. 

Have a ton of youtube videos to catch up on


From: friedchickn


Cause it is weird.....

My schedule looks pretty busy today....better pace myself.

Breakfast with friends, we are trying a new place.

Then I'll swing by to pick up a xmas gift I ordered.

Vote at some point...state something or other.  Really only concerned with Q3 on food sovereignty.

Make curried chx salad, didn't have to yesterday as I picked dh up a sandwich at the farm.  Pull ground beef for meat loaves, picked up sides at the farm too.

Dog bowls and I'd like a short dog walk too.

piano practice

laundry...with dh's help

and read more of my's really good.  Push By Audrey...something or other.  LOL