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Monday, November 8th - To Do

Started 11/8/21 by scapermom; 98 views.
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From: scapermom


Got up at 4:30 since DH & DD were heading out at 5 to take her back to school. My initial plan was to head back to bed, but I made the mistake of having coffee with them so now I’m up and started my day.

I’m on my 2nd load of laundry, dogs been fed and out several times. Kitchen is in good shape since we were hardly home yesterday. 

Started the weekly home blessing tasks - towels & kitchen linens replaced, table & counters sanitized. Need to strip beds and I’ll do the rest of the tasks with flylady at 11

Need to set up my planner for the week and meal plan. Didn’t water house plants this weekend so will do that today

Zone and holiday missions tbd

Dog walk later when it warms up - have to give her the Nexguard and a good brushing 

Baked salmon for dinner tonight


From: friedchickn


ohhhhhh.  I'm excited.  I got invited to a ladies lunch!!!  LOL.  That sounds so's really NOT!  They like me....they really really like me.  Now to not #### things up.  LOL

So....with that event in mind....I have to get my chores, as reduced as they are, done before my play date.

Started the dishwasher, started the laundry.  Watered the plants that I can reach without getting on something and left a list for dh to get the rest.

Week money is done.  Bills,receipts are almost done.  Need to clean out my email.

I have a piano lesson at 3:15...but I haven't practiced over the I'll do a quick practice before I head out for lunch.

I'll walk the dog when both those are done.

Dinner....curry.  Need to pop into the grocery for a couple things.

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