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Wednesday, November 10th - To Do

Started 11/10/21 by scapermom; 138 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning moving along. Laundry’s doing it’s thing, Dog is too, and kitchen is in progress.

Zone this week is kitchen, so I’ll check email in a bit and see what today’s mission is. Didn’t get much done with the pantry yesterday.  

FlyLady holiday missions have been coming too late in the day for me to do them that day so I’m behind on those. I did get to find and clear out my gift & card lists from last year and started thinking of gifts for extended family - going with clutter free food gifts again.

May run to the italian specialty shop for some sausages to go with the peppers from the last farm box for tonight’s dinner. Also wanted to get to Aldi, but may push that to tomorrow since it’s in the other direction.

Dog walk later

10 on the bike at some point and plank

Its wednesday so bills and what goes with that. I’d like to organize/cleanout my files and piles but it may be overwhelming. May just do 15 mins a day there. 


From: friedchickn


Breakfast with the ladies...then I ran errands.

Stopped at walgreens (no prescription drop box), they said the sheriff's office.  Stopped at the sheriff's office and they were closed.  Right.  So i threw them in the trash.  I tried.

Hit the farm eggs and chorizo.

Post office.

Dh did the cat litter and I don't think we need a dump run. up.

take out the sourdough starter.  Need to feed it and start waffle batter.


piano practice

dog walk

and 1 chapter

dh wants tiny dinos and tater tots for  easy peasy

Margie (ILovePhotos)

From: Margie (ILovePhotos)


Good Morning I hope your week is going well.


From: scapermom


My town does an annual collection box for prescriptions - that’s it. Really makes more sense to have them at pharmacy stores. I’ll check if any near me do that. 
love that dinner! I think mine would eat it too, but probably not the Dino shapes lol!


From: scapermom


Good morning! Chugging along over here. What are you up to today?