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Weekend To Do - Saturday November 13th

Started Nov-13 by scapermom; 100 views.

From: friedchickn


Here we are at the weekend. 

So far...both errands have been failures.  Stopped at the farm to grab a chicken pot pie and I #### you not they were all sold out.  8:30 when she opens at 8 and all sold out.  I grabbed a package of mini whoopie pies for tonight and grumbled back to the truck....the truck is another tale.  Then we stopped at the hardware store, dh needed a sheet of plywood for his project today.  Well...neither of us had a mask and we couldn't go in.  Sigh.

So dh dropped me back at home....and he's back out trying to get what he needs.

And the truck...2 dead and squishy mice.  And boy it didn't want to we left it running at the farm and again at the hardware store.  Not that either errand took long, but boy would that have been fun.


The last of the GG furniture is getting picked up in a bit.  I'm hoping the woman takes a bunch of teh random stuff too so I don't have to list all that too.  Ugghhh.

And today's list....

piano practice

dh got paid, so I'll do bills at some point this weekend

1 more chapter

gather the recycling and the trash.  Also planning on washing the trash cans this weekend

And...seam rip a fitted sheet I want to make into pillowcases.


From: scapermom


Wow they must be some good chicken pot pies! 

Yesterday for me was as my DH put it ‘phone day’. I got so many distracting and long phone calls. At least I was able to get the basics done while on them. 

Today DH is back to work so I’m having a quiet morning. My plan is to go through the mass of catalogs and see if any have worthwhile gifts. 

Also want to shore up Thanksgiving plans. My sister is staying put since her son works til 6 that day and I’m not starting Thanksgiving dinner at 7.  So I think it’ll just be the inlaws.  Here or there is a question and depends on if the SIL & fam are joining us. So need to contact her. I have a turkey and will just work on getting basic sides (mashed potato’s, bread stuffing, green beans, cranberry and whatever the CSA sends me will be a plus) I’ll hit the local farm market for pies I guess. Want to see if I can get any gluten free for me or I’ll just make a GF apple crisp and call it a day.

Today’s my day for indoor plant watering, setting up planner for next week and meal plan using what came in this week’s butcher box.

Dog walk later

Shoulder is bothering me but I want to get back into doing the Walk at home videos, so going to try a short one today.

There’s a tri-tip from the BB that I’ll look up an instant pot recipe for I guess Not sure what method is best to cook it.  


From: friedchickn


They are only $20 and loaded with giant chunks or farm raised chicken.  And they are big enough that dh and I have dinner and lunch out of it.

I ended up messaging her and ordering 4.  3 for freezer and 1 for eating.  So I'll pick those up next weekend


From: scapermom


Great idea! Also you just reminded me that a poultry farm by my sister’s takes orders for whole chickens and they are the best by far. Need to have her place an order for us.