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Sunday, November 14th-to do

Started Nov-14 by friedchickn; 87 views.
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From: friedchickn


The plan yesterday was to take today off and just rest and relax.  Have a gummy and melt into the couch while watching movies....

...and then dh starts a project.  WTF?!?

So now I'm looking at my list and deciding what I least mind doing...


From: scapermom


Just because he’s doing stuff doesn’t mean you have to. Take it easy, you deserve a break today. I was just thinking how I NEED to get back into doing daily meditation. 

Kinda threw my sunday list onto Saturday’s… But I’m all about prepping for thanksgiving here, or trying to.

My MIL keeps texting me too. Yeah we had a freaky storm yesterday. All is well here. No need to keep harping on it… geesh 

May need to run out for something for dinner since that slab of meat isn’t defrosting today and seems like cooking it in the oven is the way to go. Sigh


From: friedchickn


I'm not doing anything far I did GG's check statement and started looking at a few books for the library meeting on Thursday.  

Packed up my finished puzzle and brought out a new one to start on Monday.

Might fold a load of laundry.