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Monday, November 15th - To Do

Started Nov-15 by scapermom; 119 views.

From: scapermom


What’s today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Up too early and all over the place, need to stop and list.

DH was in the bathroom when his alarm went off at 4something, so of course I woke up. Did manage to fall back to sleep until 6 at least. I was doing so good with 2 nights in a row of a ‘good’ sleep score on my fitbit too (DH fixed the band for me. Looks very steampunk now lol)

Ok we’ve gone straight to winter now, so need to pull out all the winter gear and wash and put away summer/fall. 

It’s monday so I started the weekly home blessing along with morning routine. Towels/Linens are replaced, counters/tables sanitized and sheets are in the wash cycle. I’ll do the rest of the tasks at 11 with flylady. Dog’s done and kitchen in progress.

Need to go through emails.

Today’s zone and holiday missions

It’s my inlaws anniversary today so we’ll at least call them later on when DH is home. I’ll remind DD about it too.

Dog walk and 15 minute walk at home

take up the thanksgiving box (linens, paper goods, decor) from the basement

 Continue the card cleanout/organize project I started yesterday

Dinner may be the tri tip if it’s defrosted. Ended up making us pasta yesterday with leftover meat sauce from during the week.


From: friedchickn


Love to start my morning with a call to the attorney...sigh.  It's all fixed but now I need more coffee....much more coffee.

Busy day ahead.

Lunch/games with my new group of friends.  Piano lesson.  And a wine dinner.

During the spaces in between....

Load of whites (after i change out the bathroom).

Bills, receipts and emails.  Week money

1 chapter

water the plants

and a dog walk which should be miserable cause it's cold and wet


From: scapermom


Ok so what’s your secret to making new friends? I need some new ones since it seems with the pandemic most of mine have drifted off into the abyss.


From: friedchickn


I'm really proud of how I have been putting myself out there.  It's not like me at all and yet...

I started by finding things to do that I thought I'd activity or a class.  Then when I get there, I make stress inducing small talk with ANYONE close enough.  And if it seems like a connection could be made, I offer up "we should get coffee" or "i'd love to do that" and see if there's a nibble.

Usually nothing comes of if I see them again, I'll put it out there again or ask them to add their contact info to my phone.  That's what the kids do....swap phones.

Then I'll text them later that day or the next..."it was great to chat at XYZ, we should totally do coffee"

There's alot of rejection.  Alot of just nothing but crickets.  Alot of stress and embarrassment....for me at least.  

But there's also alot of people out there looking for a playmate.  

and maintenance is important....if you haven't seen/heard from someone in a few weeks, reach out and "wanna get coffee" them.  Everyone has busy lives and friendships just seem to slip through the cracks.


From: scapermom


Thanks. You really should be proud of yourself, it’s not easy.

I’m gonna have to try something like that. Just got the new county park catalog of activities, so I’ll see if there’s anything in there I’d like. If not that the library has stuff. Not sure if any is in person yet.

I also need to push that maintenance thing with the old crew. Between the pandemic and busy lives, socializing is non existent here and I’m feeling it. Most of us met through our kids, so I was going to suggest doing a care package party since all the kids are now away at college. But then that means hosting it and all that goes with that and I don’t have the energy for that. Maybe after the holidays?