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Saturday, November 20th - to do

Started Nov-20 by friedchickn; 69 views.
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From: friedchickn


So our lawyer is an idiot and told dh the wrong lawyer dropped out....sigh...the uncle's brother (and freaking troublemaker's) lawyer dropped out.  Which makes doesn't involve him anymore.

And...the buyer's for GG's house dropped out.  Sigh.  So it's back on the market and there will be another open house this Sunday.  It was too good to be true.

Dh got up early and headed out to the mountain.  I  don't expect him back til around noon.

So...I'm gonna spend some time listing some crap...maybe start wrapping a few gifts.  Who knows.

Dishwasher is running and I need to figure out the laundry situation next.

Not sure what this afternoon will be...


From: scapermom


That happened to my sister.she’s selling their condo and the person renting didn’t move out even tho they were evicted and the buyers dropped out.  On the bright side since they both had offers quickly last time the next attempt should be fruitful.

DH went out for bagels since DD’s back home (still sleeping)

im gonna do my usual tasks and try to get to the holiday missions I missed this week. Need to pull out cards and see what wrapping supplies I have. 
otherwuise going to enjoy family time. DH mentioned some yard cleanup. Also dogwalk once the frost lifts.

Easy Costco rotisserie chicken for dinner, I’ve got potatoes I can roast and kale