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Tuesday, November 30h - To Do

Started 11/30/21 by scapermom; 149 views.

From: friedchickn


Payday!!!  When I come back from my doctor's appt, that's first on the list.  Dh got paid commission I'll get ahead on a few things.

Got a ton done yesterday...but you wouldn't know it looking at today's list.  Jeez

Need to schedule the dog's nails.  Dog bowls

Figure out how to get a Covid booster.

Make sure the condo has my proxy vote for tomorrow.

Call GG

Update the calendar for several holiday parties and the music school schedule.  Update my weekly template

piano practice

Drop off the finished book at the library and start on the new one...glad I picked one up yesterday.

Sourdough....might get pushed til tomorrow

Look into spare parts for the rental oven lights

Dinner....spinach tortellini...thinking of making a cream sauce to use up some heavy cream, might add a few anchos to give it some kick.  Maybe some garlic bread on the side..


From: scapermom


Yeah I’m hearing that here its hard to get a booster like when the shots first came out. It’s crazy, two people I know that got or are getting have known someone at the pharmacy. 

 I’m waiting anyway - thinking they’re going to have to tweak them with this new variant raging. Plus I’ve seen no data on why this is needed. If the first doses are waning at 6 mos and this is a half dose then does that mean this will only last 3 more months? Then we start it all again? Wtf? I guess better than nothing, but wtf?


From: friedchickn


I got Pfizer the first time and I want Moderna....which I can't find.  I can get all the Pfizer boosters I may want....

It's just a circus.


From: scapermom


My sister is getting another moderna at a local grocery pharmacy here. She had that the first time as well. She couldn’t get anything online, but when she called and spoke to them she got an appointment.