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Thursday, December 2nd - To Do

Started 12/2/21 by scapermom; 153 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning underway. Dog & kitchen done, need to collect laundry for the daily load.

Rainy or at least wet out so will take the dog for her walk later on today

Zone is entrance, mission is decluttering the coats & hats. Need to go through where we hang everything and see whats there, what needs to be cleaned &/or put away.

Finish filing and go through a pile of catalogs

Quick trip to Aldi since I didn’t go yesterday. Need milk & eggs.

10 on the bike 

More leaves fell and dh mentioned something about yard work again. Not sure we’ll get to this today. He’s home but taking his parents to doctors appointments and shopping today. 

Garbage stir fry on todays menu plan - using up some of whats in the produce drawer 


From: friedchickn


Morning underway here too!!

Dh is off skiing...he'll be back around 10;30

Headed to breakfast with a friend in a bit.  Then I've got dog nails and a stop at the Pot store with a different friend.  

Need to fold the load of laundry I did yesterday and steam a couple of dh's shirts

Long romwod today...usually 45-50 min

piano practice

pay a few bills that straggled in

deal with the stuff I brought home yesterday...some needs washing, some needs me to rehome something else, some need wrapping.  

List the stack of winter hats/mittens that I cleaned out earlier in teh week...that #### multiplies like bunnies.

Meeting a friend for drinks at the opening of another friends brewery....and lord knows what dinner will look like.

Also need to grab some eggs and spinach at the farm stand

And deal with my sourdough...thinking savory biscuits.


From: friedchickn


usually there's all sorts of coat drives and winter gear bins around here and I can't find any???  It's making the annual thinning of the herd hard.


From: scapermom


Same here. I’ve seen a few people on the community facebook pages start collections and drop off at area shelters. I’m not that organized yet. I started going through the winter stuff today. Temps here are supposedly hitting 60 today!


From: friedchickn


WOW.  Nope...although I am still changing out stuff.  Just pulled out my slush/muck boots and grabbed a handful of flip flops to pack away.

Wish I was more organized....but I'm just not.