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Saturday and Sunday, December 4th and 5th - to do

Started Dec-4 by friedchickn; 79 views.
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From: friedchickn


Slept pretty well again...what's up with that?

Dh is off skiing.  My Buy Nothing stuff already got picked up.  Ate breakfast and tidied up the kitchen.

Want to string the pine garland and the lights on the staircase inside and outside.

Drop off the Kids Christmas stuff...I still have a few things I had to order (damn you walmart).  Need to get the adult gifts and make a wrap/bow/tag haul.  But I have til the 15th and I can drop those later

Grabbed boxes yesterday to pack dh's employee gifts.  So I want to get those all ready for Monday.  Dh is gonna have to help me drop them at the PO.

some piano practice....and some romwod.  I've lost so much flexibility it's nuts.

That's the business end of things....not sure what fun we will have????


From: scapermom


Yesterday was pretty chill, took care of the basics and changed out the wreath on the front door for the christmas one. Dug out my boxes of christmas cards and linens. I have a bunch of table cloths and hand towels but only one kitchen towel, so thats going on my shop list for this week. I finally got to wash DDs comforter also.

My other big project from yesterday was my backup pantry. I organized the bottom shelf in there. Thought I would have more things close to expiration or expired but only found one can of french beans to toss

Also prepped some overnight oats for DH. He started his work week today.

On today’s list is maybe another shelf in that pantry and I should also do one shelf in my working pantry. Next week I’ll do an inventory to see what I have to use up by the end of this year. Only a few more weeks!

May go visit my sister if we can connect early enough. She never nswers her phone then it’s hours til you hear back and at an inconvenient time for me I might add.

Water plants and brush the dog - clumps are coming out at this point

Go through sale papers - need more gifts. DH ordered some sheets for his parents since they were complaining about theirs the last time he saw them. SO that’s done at least. Haven’t figured out how Im doing food gifts for the aunts/cousins. If we werent seeing them I would just mail order to their homes. I don’t have the space here to keep them fresh. But it may all change with our uptick in Covid cases, so maybe I should just order to their homes and be empty handed if/when we see them? 

Also go through cards and maybe pull out wrapping supplies to see what I have/need.

I start another Hot Melt sprint tomorrow, so I’ll prep by taking out a jar of frozen soup for it. I’ll leave out the measuring tape in the bathroom to remind me to weigh & measure in the morning. Should probably plan meals and make sure I have what I need for them. Days start with a smoothie and if you have both lunch & dinner they’re basically the same - soup and salad with 3-4oz of fatty protein (salmon, chicken thighs, beef). I’ve been intermittent fasting this week to try to get myself on only 2 meals a day, but haven’t been that successful unfortunately. 

I have shrimp defrosting from yesterday to make for dinner tonight. Scampi with real (for DH) and fake (for me) spaghetti