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Tuesday, December 7th - To Do

Started Dec-7 by scapermom; 82 views.
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From: scapermom


Up and at em… woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep for nothing so I begrudgingly got up and started my day. Even the dog stayed upstairs until I coaxed her down with a cookie. 

Did a quick workout and showered. Started going through emails (do they ever stop?)

Have a hair appointment at 9:15 so I dont’ think I’ll have time for laundry.  Dog’s done, kitchen in progress. I’ll have my smoothie when I get back.

Want to do a kohls run, may hit a few other stores in that ‘mall’ while there to browse. Still in search of cards. Also should review my gift list before heading out to see whats still needed. 

didn’t get to call the doctors office yesterday to change my appointments so will do that today

Today’s zone mission - cutlery drawer cleanout

On my own for dinner tonight since dh is working a double. So I’ll have leftovers and watch the rest of the Ghosts episodes - its ok not great, but I read it was renewed for another season so decided to check it out. Its an easy watch at least. 


From: friedchickn


Up way too early.  Sigh.

Breakfast is done.  Second pot of coffee is on and I cleaned up the kitchen (had a soaker in the sink)

I have quite a few leftovers from yesterday's task list.  so I need to tackle some of those.

Dog heartgard

Quick grocery trip and PO.  Might swing by the bowling alley to get a few gift cards

Need to wrap a gift to send with dh tomorrow.  he's taking dd car shopping...and she's compiling a package for her BFF.

List a few more things on the Buy Nothing group.  I've been off a few days.

Need to order a new entrance mat for downstairs....totally forgot about it til dh and I nearly slipped and died coming in from the hot tub.  LOL.  

piano practice

workout, romwod and a plank

Followup on a few emails

Call GG

Swing by the rental to see if replacing teh hood lights helps.

Fold yesterday's laundry and do a load of whites

Read 1 chapter

Dinner...baked potato soup (leftover mash from teh freezer) and ham and cheese paninis