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Thursday, December 9th -To Do

Started 12/9/21 by friedchickn; 126 views.
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From: friedchickn


I need more coffee....but I'm pretty sure dh has a call at 9:30 and he'll want more then, so I should probably just wait and make one pot then.  Decisions decisions.

Cleaning lady is coming at 10.  Thank goodness.

Took the sourdough starter out.  Planning on making pretzel bites to go with the bacon cheese sauce I grabbed at the farm stand

Long romwod today.  Piano practice

Need to grab 3 gift cards and stop at the PO.  Then I should be able to drop off for the adopt a family stuff and be done.

Depending on the post lunch leftover situation....dinner may be buffalo chicken stuffed peppers or leftovers....

And dd is getting a kitten....sigh.  Posted pics on the 40's board.  And she found a'll be arriving end of December.  So only a few more weeks riding the struggle bus, er I mean Ford


From: scapermom


No idea how I never got here yesterday-I know I made several attempts 

nothing exciting happened just a busy day of regular stuff


From: friedchickn


That's OK....yesterday was a giant struggle bus that extended into today....sigh