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Thursday, December 23rd -To Do

Started Dec-23 by friedchickn; 69 views.
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From: friedchickn


Apparently I'm now an early riser.  Much to my annoyance and dh's.

And...when one gets up at 5.  One eats 2 breakfasts before lunch which does not help ones weight...especially around the holidays.  At least the workouts are getting more normal.

Cleaning lady is supposed to be here at 8.  I'm meeting the gals for breakfast at 9. So the cleaning lady will have to let herself out...and I'll pay her Venmo.  Dh is taking the car, it's too windy to stuff his board and gear in the back of the truck...but I made him pull it out and clean it up.  So basically I just have to hit drive.

Today's cleaning/organizing letter is I.  Not sure what I'm going to do....fall back is giving the freezer ice compartment a rinse and reset.  It's been awhile.

I want to do something exercise wise...maybe the long romwod or a longer dog walk....except it's wicked cold and windy.

Piano practice

Need to pickup my xmas cheesecake.  Literally meeting a woman in a parking lot.  LOL.  Love this town.

Then tonight is another holiday get together.

Oddball tasks I'll toss office (lawd help me), drop a puzzle at the exchange spot, start a binder for the restaurant investment.


From: scapermom


Lol yes you are now an early riser! My DH has that issue with eating several breakfasts. 

I’ve been up for a bit but decided to get going before taking a minute to list, but I’m here now.

Dog’s done - we’ll walk her later when it warms up a bit. Doing a system clean on the washer, I’ll run another rinse cycle before starting a load. Kitchen is clear thanks to DH. DDs not up yet so another 2 rounds to go in here at least.

I’ll do a strength training session

Started up my new fitbit, still learning about it. I think i got a free month or 2 of premium, so I want to check into that

All gifts are bought. Today will be about getting wrapping done. 

Today’s zone mission if I can get to it

took out stew meat for tonight’s dinner. Also some pork to prep for a christmas morning strata I’m planning