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Friday, December 24th-to do

Started Dec-24 by friedchickn; 68 views.

From: friedchickn


Happy Holidays!!!!

list away.....

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From: friedchickn


Super short list of To Do today.  need to prep the brussels and the carrot souffle for tomorrow. I think I can officially pack the cookie dough in the freezer...I have received a ton of baked goods and I still have the cookie tray for xmas that I set aside.  So that worked out pretty darn good.

Today's declutter is I think I'll go through my jackets.  I'll photo any I decide to let go and post after the holidays.  That should count.  It's been really motivational...I've done far more than whatever letter the day is.  So I'm definitely keeping it up!  And my BFF has joined me!

Some light tidying up and basically that's it!!!


From: scapermom


Merry Christmas Eve!

need to finish wrapping- ran out of steam yesterday 

we’re heading to my in-laws this afternoon for the feast of the 7 (give or take) fishes and gift exchange with them

when we eat back tonight I’ll prep our breakfast casserole for the morning