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Sunday, December 26th-to do

Started Dec-26 by friedchickn; 56 views.
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From: friedchickn


Dh left early early early...of course he did, he got a new board for xmas.

I cracked open a new puzzle on the freshly cleared off table, started the dishwasher and the washing machine.

And I'm making

Need to freeze a bunch of leftovers.

Need to paw through the pile (yes, just a pile) of shredded wrap and ribbons and see if I want to keep anything for reuse.  The kitten enjoyed the pile a bit much so we shall see.

Need to put away all the wrap, ribbons and stuff for next year.

Finally was able to contact a woman who makes the coolest old fashion signs, we saw her work at a restaurant a couple weekends ago and it was a struggle to get contact info.  Excited about that.

Reached out for a few cookie/baked good recipes...some stuff was really good....

And....making a pile to rehome.  Might bring it to Boggle Monday and see if the ladies want any of it.

And today's task is L.  Gonna tackle the linen closet next to dd's bathroom.  It's a wreck.


From: scapermom


Today we’re headed to extended family Christmas gathering. My SIL booked a room in a nearby restaurant. So we had a lazy morning, but then got ourselves ready. DH left to go haul his parents there, dd & I will head there on our own in a bit. 

I got one load of laundry done. I’ll start to tackle the new stuff from presents tomorrow - need to find homes. Right now it’s all piled in my DD’s study/hang out room (aka den). More to come today too.