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Thursday, December30th -To Do

Started 12/30/21 by friedchickn; 87 views.

From: scapermom


Good for you! I got up a bit earlier today. No alarm though. Just had trouble logging on here. Kept getting error messages when i tried to reply… 

DH is just warming up the breakfast casserole I made yesterday. Think I’ll make an oatmeal bake next. Also want to try making a no knead oatmeal bread but I’m missing some ingredients- I’ll try picking them up today.

ordered my multivitamins since they were on a 1 day flash sale. I saw they’re doing a New Years sale starting tomorrow on the cinnamon protein powder I like so I’ll scoop that too

you reminded me I need a few new Pyrex lids so I’ll order those today (seems they’re making them flimsyier)

todays zone mission is a deep vacuum of the living/family room. Last Christmas cleanup was to take down decor - the only thing we did were lights and a tree, and I want to leave those til the 6th. I did decorate with cards I got along my stair rails I guess I could take those down. I have to look at to see what today’s mission is since I’m not getting the emails.

really need to get back to the book I started. Goal for 22 is to finish the series 

dog walk in between rain

arm work and plank

good thing DH is on vacay - the guy he commutes with has Covid now… he’s all vaxed and boosted. it’s freaking all over nj. So done.