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Sunday, January 2nd - weekend To Do

Started 1/2/22 by scapermom; 123 views.

From: friedchickn


Pouring rain much for the snow.  Should be a giant sheet of ice by tomorrow.

Dh only skied for a short time.  Then we went to get some wood.  He modified a cabinet for me to better hold stuff and then worked on his snowboard storage, he needed more...sigh.

made waffle batter for tomorrow...pumpkin...using up a 1/2 can of pumpkin in the fridge.  Pulled out 3 random things from the pantry to use this week.  It's a mess in there.

Did my romwod and plank.  Practiced piano.

Did the cat litter

We're headed to go see Spider Man in a bit.  Not my idea of the greatest movie but the selection was crappy and I figured it'd be a nice outing.  They have a full bar and it'll be dinner too.


From: scapermom


How was the movie? I’d got see it with my DD but she rather see West Side Story (which I really don’t want to see - the original can’t be beat IMHO - it was a place and time thing and such a part of my childhood) but for something to do this week we might go - tho with the rampant Covid here not too keen on any of it really


From: friedchickn


It wasn't bad.  Dh loved  But there was enough to keep my interest as well.

And it helps I like they're pizza and beer.