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Monday, January 3rd - To Do

Started 1/3/22 by scapermom; 92 views.
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From: scapermom


Been up and watching prepper and shopping haul videos…Though got up later than I wanted around 9.

 Also started the Weekly Home Blessing: stripped bed and started a load of sheets, towels & table linens replaced and counters/island/table sanitized. I’ll finish tasks with flylady at 11

Starting another hot melt sprint today - 1st week of every month for that. Didn’t prep like I should have, but think I have the ingredients for the soup & salads. Oh and I gained 4.2 pounds since last month - sigh Reminds me that I need to order more cinnamon protein powder if the sale’s still on

Finish the things I started from yesterdays list but didn’t finish - update calendars, and pantry/freezer inventory. (Threw less than I thought I would need to from the ‘everyday’ pantry. Also cleaned the floor in there & some of the baskets that needed it.) Forgot the dog bowls, and half assed a meal plan, so need to revisit with Sprinting in mind. Prep stock up items this week are instant potatoes and canned fruit, so adding those to the grocery list

We’re supposed to be getting a snow event here today, but so far nada. 

Dog walk later if it’s not raining/snowing

10 on the bike and some arm work

Really want to get back to reading the book I started

Tonight’s dinner will be hot melt burgers. Told DH to buy rolls for him & DD but he got bagels instead. Oh well


From: friedchickn


geez....just getting on here now.  Been a busy crazy morning

Made sourdough pumpkin waffles for good and used up a can of pumpkin I had open from cookies.  

Started chicken in the sous vide for dinner...gnocchi, spinach and chicken pesto.  there will be plenty of chicken leftover for other things later in the week.

Practice piano and had a lesson (at 2)

Did romwod and a plank.  Gym is currently heating...gonna work out at 3:30 and do GHD.

Went to meet my ladies at the kids consignment/charity we are potentially taking over.  I'm super excited.  Ordered a lockbox for the door....cause who needs more keys.  Also brought home a few things to wash and repair.  need to add some calendar events....

Just went through bills and receipts and did rent deposits.  Still need to do week money and find 2 receipts I know are missing.  also need to make my final state tax payment for 2021.

Ordered more coffee for me.  And ordered tickets to a comedy club in February.

Scheduled dog nails.  Took the dog for his afternoon's 5 degrees out....

Need to water plants.  Fold and put away laundry

Read 1 chapter

And get the address for the art i need to pickup wednesday on teh way back from getting my car.  Also going to try to drop off my necklace for repair....again.

I basically haven't had a moment to chill.