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Wednesday, January 5th - To Do

Started 1/5/22 by scapermom; 95 views.
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From: scapermom


Woo hoo I’m up before 9! Last morning of silence for the week - DH is off starting tomorrow. 

Morning in progress- dog’s been out in the slushy muddy mess that is our yard (so much for clean floors), laundry’s started and kitchen tbd

10 on the bike and a band workout. Teed up a Yoga with Adrianne for later with DD (shes also going to show me how to put it on the big TV since it’s so hard to follow along with her from my ipad) 

Dog walk later when the sleet stops if not too icy out

It’s wednesday so bills and need to transfer $ for DDs tuition payment that’s due next week. There is some question as to whether or not they’ll go back in person or remote. Rutgers just made the call to start the semester remote but they’re a much bigger school. DDs school is more dependent on what Cornell does it seems. 

Never finished the pantry inventory so should go through a few more shelves in the extra freezer or extended pantry.

just checked to see if dh tossed the fish from xmas eve since today’s garbage day. Not sure of today’s holiday mission since they emails have been scarce. Need to check the website

today’s zone mission-kitchen cabinets

want to see if I can nab dd a covid test from the online state source thats providing them free (its all done through the mail) so she can have it for when she goes back to school. Apparently they’ve limited them to 30k a day

Read or catch up on DVRd shows tonight

Dinner Lemon pepper cod, soup & salad (I’m down 2lbs)


From: friedchickn


Up at 6 and out the door cause dh scheduled car service in Portland at 9...who does that? And well, that was my ride to pick up my car.  Barely saw dd, who feels like crap and didn't see the kitten.  GRRRRR

My car is filthy and smells like a floral bomb went off.  At least it had a full tank of gas.

And so begin my long ride home stopping at every conceivable errand I could think civilization.

Managed to score 4 bottles of Sotol.  We love that #### and you just can't find it anywhere.

Picked up my artwork

Only errand I didn't get done...dropping off my necklace...jeweler was closed.  GRRR

Came home and unloaded.  Practiced piano.  Did ROMWOD and a plank.

Went through all the dogs toys...he got a bunch of new ones for xmas that he loves playing with but they're everywhere and his basket is full.  So....I went through the basket and tossed everything that looked like crap and I'm washing a handful.  And then everything should fit nicely in his basket.  ta da!!!!

Currently waiting for dh to get home so we can head to dinner....and then I'm having a nice cocktail with my hard won Sotol!