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Tuesday, January 11th - To Do

Started 1/11/22 by scapermom; 111 views.
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From: scapermom


Already moving in several directions. Need to sit, sip my coffee and regroup myself

Dog’s done, laundry’s going, kitchen tbd mostly

Leftover tasks from yesterday include trash, dust, vacuum and mop - didn’t get much done

Need to review my misfit mkt list before it finalizes today

Today’s zone mission- speaking of the bathroom, I need to order a new toilet seat or just go buy one if they have stock in lowes 

workout and also check out one of the local gym flyers that came in the mail - really want to start going back to a class

Review December, set up January & future goal/to do list

it’s too frigid for a dog walk - saying it feels like single digits - so she’s out of luck

Research the new iPads since my first gen pro is slowly on it’s way out - early birthday present

my nails need help, so at home manicure 

dh is doing a double, and dd has plans with friends later so I’m on my own for dinner - leftovers or wine & cheese sounds good. I plan to catch up on my DVRd shows

Speaking of dd, I get to have her here until the 28th now. They are phasing move in from the 18th to the 30th and having remote instruction starting on the 24th til ? So the less time stuck in her room alone the better. Just need to figure out the logistics of getting her tested 72 hours prior. 


From: friedchickn


Back from breakfast with a friend...and a quick trip to the PO and the grocery.

Finishing up my coffee and then I'm switching to tea.  It's -13 out!!!!!  Before windchill.  It's so cold it hurts

Dh is working out at 11....and I'm debating it.  I probably should even though I have yoga tonight.  Sigh....I really don't wanna.

piano practice.  also want to start looking for a few new pieces.

need to make a reservation for Friday dinner with friends.

need to call the dentist for GG again.

need to call GG

water my fig trees (they're sleeping in teh garage)

Dinner tonight is baked beans and grilled cheese sandwiches.