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Wednesday, January 12th-to do

Started 1/12/22 by friedchickn; 98 views.

From: scapermom


I’m up and here! DH took off or switched or something- either way he’s home, up and already on the phone making a PT appointment for his mom. This place must be a goldmine since he’s been on eternal hold for a while. Apparently doctor has Covid so they’re rescheduling.

laundry’s going, dog too, kitchen started but keeping quiet so DH can hear when the hold music ends

lots of leftover tasks from yesterday. I’m blaming Dd - her plans fell through -friend wasn’t feeling well and the rest took it as a sign to just stay home - so she was underfoot 
completely forgot there was a school meeting last night too. I’ll listen to the recording when they release it. Scanned parent page and there were some rumblings about their plan and potential for closing 

Todays zone mission 

a little warmer today so dog walk later

its wednesday so bills and receipts to upload

ill do 10 on the bike, plank and some arm work 

have Italian sausages to make for dinner, both skinny & fat