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Thursday, January 13th - To Do

Started 1/13/22 by scapermom; 165 views.

From: friedchickn


Dh is in an awful mood which started yesterday.  Work #### mostly...but then it just got worse as they day went on.  The estate lawyer is a moron, dinner with my in-laws is extremely stressful and then we found out one of his cousins is dying from covid (this particular cousin has drug and alcohol problems, in and out of jail, and we'd basically lost track of him this past year or two....dh's only comment...found him).

So....he went skiing this morning, thank goodness, cause otherwise he'd be unbearable.

Backing into my tonight, so I need a dinner plan.

I've been trying to use up 2-3 things that are languishing in the pantry...1/2 open box of jumbo shells.  Found a recipe for Thanksgiving leftover stuffed shells.  I have about 1/2 the ingredients...I'll wing the rest.  Added bonus....I can have it prepped and ready to heat and eat.

Started laundry

Need to go to the PO to drop off sodastream bottles.

It's warmer and the poor dog is going a longer walk.

piano practice...might have found myself a new piece.

Trying to unorganize and then reorganize weekend plans....given that 1/2 our friends have covid.  Ridiculous.


From: friedchickn


What are you bringing?


From: scapermom


I brought Eggroll in a bowl. She said she was having Chinese - I assumed incorrectly that she was ordering out - so I wanted something in theme that I could eat. But she made spring rolls - frozen from a box, bang bang shrimp, home made fried rice and spicy green beans. EIther way my dish fit and it was enough to share and have leftovers. Everyone didn’t seem to eat too much which was weird. Also her boyfriend was sick - sneezing and coughing all over - I was so pissed but kept my silence and just tried to keep away from him. Came home and took a handful of vitamins too. Her daughter in law who’s pregnant was there too - so irresponsible of them. 


From: friedchickn


oh geez...that doesn't sound good