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Sunday, January 16th - weekend To Do

Started 1/16/22 by scapermom; 91 views.
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From: scapermom


Having a quiet morning so figured I’d take a moment to feel organized and list…

DH is off to work and DD is still sleeping - we have her for just about 2 more weeks & she’ll be doing classes from home the 2nd week

Today’s tasks include dog bowls, watering plants, firming up a meal plan and some general decluttering. Also was thinking to put up a batch of bone broth today in the instant pot

Supposed to be getting hit with snow later this afternoon though it may be rain for us since it’s looking like it will heat up to above freezing by then. The worst of it for us will be wind as far as I can tell

I may do a grocery run for sweet potatoes mainly - misfits market keeps selling out before I can get them and it’s like the only starch I can eat (besides cassava & plantains). My ordering window for MM opens up after 4pm today

Tonight’s menu includes pasta (mine will be cassava) and meatballs (or mini italian style meatloaves)